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“I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the way of a whole human being.” ~Abraham Lincoln

Ask us about the truth!

The Pit Bull Awareness Coalition (PBAC) became a project of Animal Resources of Tidewater in 2009.  As originally formed it was comprised of local animal rescue groups, animal’s rights advocates, trainers and responsible “Bully Breed” owners from Southside Hampton Roads, Virginia.  One of the primary motivators for the creation of the PBAC was to change the way dogs, visually identified as “pit bulls”, were being withheld from adoption and killed in shelters.

Members and Ambassador Dogs, hosted, competed in, and attended local K9 fun events, to show definitively that Pit Bull Dogs are as capable of being a family member as any other breed. All Ambassador Dogs were trained and received their AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification. Many worked in local hospitals, libraries, and schools educating the public on K9 safety, helping children learn to read or simply bringing joy to sick and elderly patients.  Members and their Ambassador Dogs marched in parades, created and performed “dance with dogs” routines, arranged group walks on busy streets and in shopping centers.  PBAC annually hosted “Bullys in Bonnets,” just for children, to bring awareness to the loving nature of these dogs and the connection between animal and child abuse.

The Coalition aimed to:

  • Dispel the myths & misconceptions surrounding bully breeds
  • Promote responsible bully breed ownership
  • End breed discrimination
  • Raise awareness about the true loving nature of bully breeds

The efforts of the PBAC changed minds, opened eyes and hearts across Hampton Roads.  They also inspired shelter workers, volunteers, and other bully breed owners, locally and beyond, who were coached and encouraged by PBAC members to join in the PBAC mission.

Today much has changed.  Most animal shelters in Hampton Roads hold bully breed events, and if shelter-assessments occur, Pit Bull Dogs are assessed like any other dog.  Shelters proudly present Pit Bull Dogs for adoption whether it be in the shelter or at off-site adoption events.  The public as a whole has a greater knowledge concerning fact-vs-fiction about Pit Bull Dogs.

There is no debate the activities of the PBAC were instrumental in causing these changes and there is also no debate that more must be done.  Too many Pit Bull Dogs are still dying in shelters, too many humans still fear them and breed discrimination still exists.  Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) which aims to do harm to Pit Bull Dogs remains a danger in some US communities and until it is ended in every part of the United States, no advocate can rest.

So, Animal Resources of Tidewater continues its advocacy for Pit Bull Dogs by a new phase of the Pit Bull Awareness Coalition.  Today, PBAC concentrates on using social media to continue our mission, and further spread the truth. Bully breeds are like any other dog. Human interaction and responsibility are the key factors to a good dog of any breed.

PBAC will continue to highlight the efforts of like-minded groups, responsible owners, and the achievements of their dogs. With the help of our friends and followers, we can share useful training and health related information while working together to prevent unnecessary, ineffectual, breed specific legislation, and facilitate shelter reform for not only Pit Bull Dogs but all animals.

Sweet Pitbull
Elsi Mae (aka Little Cow), CGC/TDI licensed, Chesapeake