(Did someone say Brad Pitt—-Where?)

My boyfriend Mike and I were driving home one evening and in the elementary school parking lot down the street from our house, I spotted two loose dogs: a pit bull and a husky. The pit was trying to play, from what I could tell, but the husky was tensed and looked ready to fight. The pit had no collar or tag on, and the husky did. I got Mike to pull over into the parking lot and I jumped out of the car and yelled, ‘HEY!’ (It was the only way I could think of to distract the husky from fighting.) The pit immediately turned, just happy as could be, and came running toward me full speed. I opened the car door and he flew in as if he belonged there. I turned to go check the husky’s tag, and started to shut the door, when Mike suddenly yelled, ‘LOOSE PIT BULL IN THE CAR!!’ I stopped for a second and looked at him, not sure what to do. I knew this dog was very friendly, but then I work with dogs and I’m used to reading their body language; Mike isn’t. I turned and pushed the door shut anyway, and started to head over to the husky, but he was running away. Figuring I should ‘save’ Mike rather than chase down the husky that was wearing tags, I jumped into the car and we drove around, looking for this very stinky dog’s owner. He kept trying to climb into the front seat with us, and he just seemed so happy to be with us.

Well we never found the owner, and the next morning we had a trade show to attend, so I bathed him and took the dog with me and showed him to my boss, Rhoda. Even though he’d just been bathed, he still smelled HORRIBLE! We pretty quickly realized that he had a skin condition, and I took him to the vet to get his skin scraped. We learned that he had demodectic mange, which is a lifelong, sometimes treatable, but not contagious, condition. Everything seemed to irritate his skin! We started treating him for the mange, and we checked out his social skills. He pretty much got along well with everyone, and he learned pretty quickly. We named him Bradley, and called him Brad Pitt.

I realized what a good boy Brad was when my own dog got loose from the car one night, and I took off running after him. I didn’t even think to shut the car door, I just told Brad, “YOU STAY RIGHT HERE” …and he did! It took me a good 5 minutes or so to catch my dog, and Brad sat right next to that open door, just looking curiously out at the spectacle of me chasing a little dog down the street. He didn’t move a muscle. I was so proud of him!

He LOVED toys, and we took tons of pictures of him in his little blue camo shirt (worn to protect his skin); playing with the toys we got for him. He would roll around on the floor and play quietly for quite a while – well… mostly quietly. He never did seem to understand that he wasn’t a lap dog, and would knock things over all the time, jumping around with his toys. He was a big goof, and he taught Mike that pit bulls aren’t all scary. Most of what Mike knew was what the media has taught us about pits, but Brad dispelled his concerns and quickly taught him otherwise. We would have kept him if we’d had more room in our house, but we couldn’t, so we fostered him for a little while. He did start to smell a little better, and the treatments were just beginning to work when he caught the eye of one of our clients at Park Ave Pups. He was adopted into a family with 3 other dogs, and, as you can see in the picture, he quickly recovered, put on some weight, and his coat is now gorgeous!