Have I got a story for you! My name is Burton, I am a Pit Bull and very proud of it. I live in a nice brick house, got a big yard to play in with my mom, dad (very special people), Zoe my sister (she’s a dog) and Arnold (he’s a bird). We all lived happily ever after, sounds like a fairy tale to you but it hasn’t always been that way.

I was found roaming the street in Virginia Beach. If you look at my picture, I was in real bad shape and no one to love me. I finally was picked up by a stranger who tried to help me but just didn’t have enough money to make me better. They turned me over to Animal Rescue of Tidewater, which was my lucky day because I was not only on my road to recovery; I ended up with the coolest name, “Burton”. It was off to the Vet, the stay at the Vet wasn’t very long and I went to live with a foster family. I didn’t smell very well and had to take lots of medicine and soon became too much for my foster family to care for me. I went back to the Vet and lived in their kennel until another foster family was found. Every night before I went to sleep I prayed for my forever home. There really is a God because he answered my prayers and my luck started to change. My new foster mom kept me in a crate, gave me my medicine and kissed me. Don’t remember many kisses up till then because I really was all crusty and smelly. There were other dogs at my foster mom’s some needed a home and others were in their forever home.

As I started to get better I was sent off to what humans call Day Care. Not many places accepted Pit Bulls but I was again lucky enough to find Park Avenue Pups. What a neat place! Soon my foster mom realized by burning my energy and making me social to my other four legged friends I was ready to be put on the adoption site.

Month after month I would go to an adopt–a-thon trying to win someone’s heart. Let me tell you that is some kind of stress and hard to handle because there was usually a good looking chick there that made me act up; just had to get her attention. As time went on my foster mom and I got really close and bingo I won the lottery; she adopted me.

My story doesn’t end there, I still needed medical care to get my fur back and I was so happy I found a home that some say at moments I was uncontrollable. Hey I was living the fame of my breed being more like Tarzan. Mom (no longer foster mom) sent me to summer camp for three weeks. Okay school is school and I had to stay an additional three days. No I am not a slow learner; I just didn’t want to do that command “Down”. Hey I am a Pit Bull and I am just not going down. Finally I gave in, I had been without mom long enough; missed her kisses.

I am a good boy now and my story could go on but it does have a happy ending. If you should decide to have a pit bull please remember, we have lots of energy, we need freedom to run and others to play with and in return I promises you we will steal your heart.