About 2 years ago now my husband and I heard this strange noise outside our house at 3 a.m. My husband went outside (in his boxers with our shotgun) and to his surprise he found a black pit bull and her two puppies scrounging though our garbage. He grabbed one of the puppies and put it on my chest while I was still in bed. He was in good shape other than being very thin and full of ticks. My husband went back outside to grab the mom and the other puppy. The other puppy took off, but we took mommy into our home knowing we were taking a gamble since we knew nothing about her. We have other pets in the house and kids (my son was 1 at the time and I was pregnant with our daughter). We searched for days for the second puppy, with no luck. The first puppy was eating solid food so we weren’t too worried. Plus he/she was the bigger of the two.

The mother, whom we named Carla, was obviously a breeder dog. She was emaciated, full of parasites, and her teats were hanging to the ground. You could see the bones in her skull and throughout her body. We cleaned both of them up and took them to the vet the next day. The vet said she was probably about 2 years old and by the look of it had well over 6 litters, maybe more. Well we didn’t want to try and find the owners. How could you let your dog be in this condition? We kept her and nursed her back to health. She was a really great dog, easy to train, and she was a big lap dog. My son crawled all over her and loved him to pieces. We found a home for the puppy. A good one.

Well Carla put on about 40lbs. And she kept growing and growing and growing…. She delivered 15 puppies about a month later. We had all the puppies spayed and neutered including Carla and adopted the puppies out to approved homes. My mom actually has one of her puppies named Dakota, she’s the best. We believe dad was a lab since all the puppies looked like labs.

We kept Carla as our own since she’s really the best dog we’ve ever had. Full of love and manners, a joy. About 2 months ago she started urinating in the house. She had a tumor on her kidney. She was in a lot of pain, so she was humanely put down to end her suffering. She’s the first pit bull we’ve ever owned and the best. She changed a lot of my friends and families view about Pit bulls and bully breeds. I miss her terribly and cry every now and then in sorrow.