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Buyer Beware – What everyone should know before they purchase a dog or puppy!

Buyer Beware – What everyone should know before they purchase a dog or puppy!

Supposed breeders and pet shops charge outrageous prices for puppies that frequently turn out to be sick or that fall below breed standards. Before you purchase a dog, make sure you have done your research and you are completely aware of your dog’s breed standards, as well as the type of breeder you are purchasing from.

It is our opinion, that everyone, should adopt their new dog or puppy from a shelter or rescue, then, take the money they have saved and donate it to the many dogs still waiting for homes, in order to lesson, the untimely deaths caused daily by breeders. Please visit your local shelter or rescue before purchasing from a breeder…you may just fall in love and you will save hundreds of dollars.

Types of Breeders

Professional Breeders:
These breeders spend thousands each year to travel, compete and show their dogs. They breed only winners with multiple titles. The dogs they breed have the same type of winners for parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and so on, dating back three to five generations with multiple winners on both sides. These breeders may breed a dog once or twice in an 8 to 10 year lifetime, any puppies from these dogs are often, put into homes under contract. Contracts that state whether or not the puppy can be bred and if so how much the original breeder will be involved in the breeding. These breeders will be able to provide you with an AKC DNA Parentage Verification and always guarantee the health of their dogs, they will also ask for the dog to be returned to them if for any reason the dog needs to be re-homed. There are no throw offs in the lineage of these dogs (Throw off: slang -a dog that came from winners but lacks winning qualities, a dog with only one or no title, on any dog in it’s heritage line, a dog from an illegal breeding of a winning blood line.)

Professional breeders sell puppies without winning qualities for a lesser price and insist on spay/neuter contracts. There are very few, true professional breeders. A true professional, will expect you to see both the sire and dam, and usually there will be a waiting list for the puppies before they are born. Professional breeders will have no problem showing you any paper work you ask to see, most will want to interview you, before they allow you to purchase a puppy. The puppy you purchase will have already started socialization by the time you are allowed to pick them up and you will not be able to take your puppy before they are ten weeks old, because to do so may cause behavioral problems as the puppy matures.

Amateur Breeders:
These breeders also compete and show their dogs, they too may guarantee health and ask for breeding contracts on their puppies but the lineage of their dogs is weak. Many times their “titled dogs” are from small local shows or they are breeding throw offs. Some of these breeders only own one sire and dam and will breed this pair repeatedly year after year, weakening the bitch, often causing health problems for the puppies.

An amateur breeder, may earn a championship title on one sire, they will then breed that dog to untitled bitches, Some have been known to breed two bitches at the same time, one with a title and one without, they then, put the two litters together, when they show the puppies to perspective owners, they show the papers of the titled bitch to bring a higher price for all the puppies. Make sure the puppy they are trying to sell you has champions on both sides. Before you accept a puppy, see both parents and their paper work. A reputable amateur breeder will be able to provide you with the same AKC DNA Parentage Verification as would a professional breeder. The lineage will not be as strong but it will be accurate.

Backyard Breeders
Backyard Breeder covers several types of breeders. These breeders usually do not show their dogs they simply own dogs “with papers” or not. Their dogs are always lineage throw offs or worse Puppy Mill dogs. A dog that originated from a pet store is always a puppy mill dog. Professional breeders DO NOT sell their puppies to pet stores.

Backyard breeders sell to the type of individual who believes that “papers” matter when choosing a pet. Other buyers may be uninformed individuals that believe they want to “own a dog they can show.” These poor folks pay big money for a dog that could never win. There is a rescue for every breed of dog imaginable, also 33% of the dogs in shelters are full blooded bteeds,and some owner turn ins come with “papers”.

Backyard breeders also will mate different breeds trying to create a “designer dog” many times these breeders, are simply, breeding back into a dog, traits, already part of the breed’s heritage. Examples of this would be to breed an American Pit Bull Terrier with an English Bull Dog or a Great Dane with a Greyhound. This type of breeding only doubles traits already in the dog, such as skin problems or bad hips. Traits, the reputable, professional breeders, have worked decades to breed out of their dogs.

Backyard breeders are the pet owners that don’t spay or neuter their dogs, creating litter after litter through accidental breeding, or by breeding for the wrong reasons, usually money.

If you have a certain look or even personality that you want in a dog, you will be able to find it in a shelter or rescue. If what you prefer is a certain breed, simply Google the breed followed by the word “rescue”. Shelter dogs are not damaged goods! Many people purchase a dog without researching the breed only to discover that the dog they have, does not fit the life they live. This is especially true for Pit Bulls because of their high energy level and their misrepresentation by the media. Any Pit Bull, or Pit mix, in a shelter or rescue, has been behavior tested and found to be safe for adoption. Many shelter dogs are pure bred, some even with “papers”. Unfortunately, too many people do not think it through, before getting a pet, and wonderful animals end up in shelters and rescues.

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When choosing a pet, as opposed to a dog to be shown in compition, there is no true advantage to choosing a pure bred dog over a mixed breed. Actually most mixed breed owners will tell you, their dogs have fewer health problems, than the pure bred dogs they have owned or are familiar with. If you have done your research and you know what breed will best fit your lifestyle, simply Google the breed, followed by the word “rescue”.

Don’t Breed! Don’t Buy! Adopt and Save A Life!

Every concerned citizen and responsible pet owner should do everything within their power to prevent their pet from contributing to the staggering number of homeless animals in our shelters and rescues. Innocent healthy animals are dying every day, due to a lack of responsible owners. This is our fault. It is our problem to deal with. The spaying or neutering of one pet does make a difference. Spay and Neuter!