Elsimae was one of a litter of ten puppies who’s mother died shortly after their birth. Their mother had been bred to death by her owner. The litter was dropped off at a local doggie day care center and immediately local rescue volunteers banned together to get the puppies vet care and foster homes.

My husband and I sponsored two, Elsimae and her sister Thelma Louise. With the intent to get them ready for adoption. Both girls were put into puppy training, we started their socialization, got their series of three sets of shots, had them spayed and microchipped.

At about three months old and less than three weeks apart the girls were adopted.

Elsimae was adopted by a young couple, the wife owned a male German Shepherd Dog that she was showing for confirmation. Very sweet, quite, well trained and well behaved two year old boy.

The husband wanted an American Pit Bull Terrier, they both loved Elsimae. They brought their dog to meet Elsimae and the two hit it off right away, running, playing, truly enjoying one another, in our yard. It seemed like a perfect fit.

My husband and I drove to the couple’s farm in Smithfield for the home check before the adoption. It was well off the beaten path, plenty of room, a beautiful well kept little house. A Very Quiet Life. The papers were signed and Elsimae moved into her new home at 9:pm on a Friday night. By 9:am the next morning Elsimae was back with us.

You see, a three month old APBT wakes up ready to play and a two year old GSD will go right along with that. Through the house, around the island in the kitchen, turning over the food and water bowl, then wrestling in the mess. Before the young “quiet” couple could even get their first cup of coffee. They decided then the wife would clean up the mess, bathe their dog, and the husband would bring Elsimae back home. They were just not ready for that much energy first thing in the morning!

Once Elsimae was returned we decided we could not go through giving her up a second time. A decision we have never regretted.

Elsimae has turned out to be one of the most intelligent, quiet, well adjusted dogs we have ever owned. Although she still wakes up ready to play, she is now a working therapy dog bringing joy to everyone she meets.