Miss Congeniality (NOT)

Grace Lu spent the first six months of her live locked in a cage in kill shelter in North Carolina. Just before Easter members of Virginia Beach Pit Bull Response Team were notified that she would be euthanized on Good Friday to make room in the boarding facility that was being used by the local animal control. Arrangements were made for Gracie’s transportation to Virginia Beach and be placed in a foster home.

Because Gracie did not receive the proper socialization and training during the first six month of her life she was terrified of people and new situations. Because of her fears finding a home for Gracie was proving difficult and after six month she was still in foster care, but was now attending doggie day care at Park Avenue Pups. She was learning to trust people and the world again.

When a miscommunication between Gracie’s foster mom, Gloria Haslip and Rhoda at Park Avenue resulted in Gracie and her foster sisters needing a place to stay for few hours, Elaine Swarts offered to keep the girls until Rhoda could pick them up. Gracie was only with Elaine a few hours but Elaine was once again was hooked. Arrangements were made for Elaine to “foster” Gracie until Gloria returned from her trip. Elaine adopted Gracie Lu on her first Birthday.

Today Gracie Lu Freebush is a Canine Good Citizen and certified Therapy Dog. She continues to battle some of her old demons, but trusts Elaine to keep her save and they make a wonderful team at the PAWS Children’s Reading program at a local library. Gracie happily lives with Ruby Jean, Jedd and Lilly in Virginia Beach with Elaine Swarts co-founder of Virginia Beach Pit Bull Response Team.