Jedd (short for Jedidiah) was found roaming the streets of Norfolk after hurricane Isabel. When saved by a kind stranger he weighed only 35# was filthy dirty and unneutered. The stranger immediately took Jedd to the vet for shot and a health exam. Jedd had a bad reaction to a Lyme vaccine and promptly had a seizure. The vet put Jedd on Phenobarbital for the seizures. Because of his own health issues the stranger realized he could not care for a Pit Bull with severe health issues and took Jedd to Norfolk SPCA.

While looking for an adoptable dog for a client Elaine Swarts of Virginia Beach Pit Bull Response Team met Jedd and it was love at first sight. Realizing that a home for 18 month old pit bull with medical issues may never be found, she set out to adopt Jedd as her personal dog. It was the first time Elaine adopted a rescue for herself instead of keeping one of her own rescues. By the time Elaine could adopt Jedd and get him home he had burns from the chemicals used to clean his kennel on most of his body, was out of Phenobarbital and seizing frequently, he had also been neutered and micro chipped.

Today Jedd is a happy 7.5 year old man who lives with 3 other pit bulls and his proud momma. His seizures are managed with diet, herbal and holistic methods. He suffers from a chronic Bacterial Overgrowth of the small intestine. He weighs 60# and has a soft and silky coat. Because of his health issues Elaine decided to train him for the Canine Good Citizen and therapy dog certifications, but not to put him through the stress of the final examinations.