Lilly (a.k.a. Little Bug) had five different homes before she was five months old. Rescued by Virginia Beach Animal Control just a few weeks olds, she bounced from home to home until her latest home contacted Virginia Beach Pit Bull Response Team. Lilly entered the rescue and in a few months was ready for what should have been her “forever” home.

It was not meant to be – at just shy of her second birthday Lilly was back in foster care. This time Lilly lost her home when the family moved out of state and refused to take her. Back with her foster mom Lilly started working on her long overdue basic obedience training and looking for a new home. Lilly spent almost a year with her foster mom when she was injured in by another dog in a training class; her foster mother realized that Lilly had found a permanent place in her heart and home and adopted Lilly as her personal pet.

Today Lilly lives happily ever after with her owner Elaine Swarts co-founder of Virginia Beach Pit Bull Response Team and is working towards her Canine Good Citizen and therapy dog certifications. When not in training Lilly plays the silly clown for her brother and sisters, Jedd, Ruby Jean and Gracie Lu.