We receive so many interesting letters from Pit Bull Dog owners, how they grew up with Pit Bulls, how they got their first one, or how a Pit Bull changed their mind and their life forever. Here you can read real life Truth, from Pit Bull Dog owners.

Stories From Local Friends and Family

Testimonial June 2009
“Hello, I am not a pit owner. I have a Rottweiler which receives a lot of the same crap the pit bulls do. But I wanted to say something about something that happened 2 days ago. My ten year old daughter was walking home from school and this gorgeous black pit bull approached her. She stopped but as he was approaching her his whole body was wiggling in excitement. He wanted to play with her (and he wasn’t a puppy by any means) He followed her up to my door, lay out on my porch and even tried coming in my house, never once stopping that tail from wagging. I don’t know much about the breed itself, but I do have to say I was shocked and have changed my views on what others say about them as I saw firsthand how sweet they can actually be. His mommy later came for him after he visited the neighbors. Have a great day.



Bradley Pitt