We at PBAC are always excited when a new Pit Bull Dog and parent decide to join us in our work to bring about change, but you don’t need to own a Bully to join our coalition. You don’t even need to own a dog. All you need is a love for animals, a sense of fairness, and the desire to make right that which you find wrong. Fighting discrimination is not easy work,
but it is worthwhile.

Yes, our members are seen having fun with our dogs at sporting events, on walks and in parades, but we do so much more. Through education we help chained, neglected, and abused dogs. We volunteer to walk shelter dogs that would otherwise be ignored, or handle those same dogs at adoption events. We take their pictures and market them publicly to increase their chance for a new life in a loving home. Our members watch the news and social media sites for signs of ignorance, backyard breeders, Bully owners seeking help and discrimination toward Bully breeds. We act by offering help and information or by alerting and joining other animal advocacy groups to create a voice that cannot be ignored. We build fences and fight abuse, breed specific legislation, unfair stereotyping, and discrimination against Pit Bull Dogs and their families. In short we do anything we can to help our beloved Bully breeds.

If you can use a camera, a hammer, a computer, or simply have a love for animals and want to be involved, please fill out our volunteer application. Our coalition is thankful for every voice that joins ours.

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What are your talents/strenghts? Please tell us about yourself. Our volunteer coordinator will call you to discuss our volunteer opportunities.